Campaigns has been discontinued

Campaigns was introduced to Unocoin customers in January 2014 through this announcement to help them BUY and SELL BIG at the rate they prefer. Campaigns has been discontinued as the response received was less than anticipated. As a result, Unocoin wont be accepting buy and sell requests through campaigns from now on.

Referral system and Toll free number

From now on, customers can reach us through our toll free number 1800-103-2646 or 1800-103-COIN. This has allowed us to extend our customer service time from 7AM to 11PM – Monday through Saturday. The new system in place will re-route and elevate to get you an available agent to answer your queries. All calls will be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Through Unocoin referral program you can earn 15% of the transaction fee that Unocoin charges to your referrals as a gift. It is paid to your Unocoin wallet in bitcoins using the average price of buy and sell at the time of buy/sell order processing of the orders placed by your referrals. You should be a verified member to refer your friends to Unocoin.


Once you login, hunt for a huge icon on the left menu and start sending out invitations. You can also invite by importing your google/gmail contacts in 1 click. Here is an example invitation that will be sent out 🙂


Once invited you can track your referrals status of registration till they get registered on Unocoin. This is another reason to get your friends and relatives get involved with bitcoin.

Fine print: As this is given as a gift, there wont be any TDS deductions and you will be responsible for your taxes if any. Unocoin reserves the right to change or cancel this program anytime.

Closing of accounts for the financial year

Buying and Selling of bitcoins will be disabled between 29th March 2014 to 1st April 2014 to finalize accounting for the financial year 2013-14. If you have any pending orders for which you need to pay, please pay with in 29th March or else they will be cancelled. Invoices for bitcoin purchases and acknowledgements for bitcoin sales along with total net-profit/net-loss, holdings and total service tax paid will be printed and posted/couriered to individual customers to help customers with their accounting needs. If your address on your profile has been changed or inadequate, please contact us using the Contact Us link above and let us know. We will be calling every customer on their registered mobile number and will be confirming that they wish to receive these accounting sheets before we print and courier them.

CoinMonk Ventures and Unocoin wishes all its customers a very happy Ugadi and a very happy New year (or what ever equivalents you celebrate in your community).

Many Indian Banks will be closing books and finalizing accounts on April 1st and do not process any deposits or withdrawals and on the other hand it is declared as holiday for other banks. So Unocoin buying and selling of bitcoins will be back on April 2nd 2014.

Thank you

Delay in recognition and confirmation of deposits

Since 3 days we have seen delays in recognition and confirmation of deposits to your Unocoin wallet especially if your address has got affected with dust transactions (intruder trying to send 0.00000001 btc which would take a long time to confirm). However be sure that all of your deposits eventually show up and your bitcoins are safe. The dust transaction attack and DDoS attack do not affect the security of bitcoin transactions or bitcoin itself and all it can do is delay the confirmation of transactions. With what we have seen, the delayed transactions has got itself sorted out in about 12 to 24 hours. If your transaction takes more than this time, please contact us so that we can investigate your case. However we wont be manually able to tweek your Unocoin wallet balance to reflect your affected deposit. The entire issue is expected to sort out itself with in next few days after which you can expect to see your deposits in your Unocoin transactions with in 30 seconds since deposit and it should get 6 confirmations in about 1 hour as it used to be. After those 6 confirmation you can send the bitcoins to other users/bitcoin-addresses or sell your bitcoins.

Temporary buy and sell suspension

Post notice from RBI Unocoin has decided to temporarily pause its buy and sell operations. All the pending orders today gets fulfilled and no more orders will be accepted till further notice. This is done to protect our valuable customers from getting into unintended legal risks.

Logins from the users is suspended as well for time being.

You can contact us on [email protected] if you need any further clarification.

– CoinMonk Ventures – Unocoin Team