Unocoin to Feature Xangle’s Ticker


December 30th, 2020, Bangalore – Unocoin, India’s home for digital currency, began a partnership to feature the Ticker from, the top crypto asset disclosure platform. The Ticker will be displayed at the top of Unocoin’s exchange pages for Indian Rupees, BTC, and USDT pairs. This section of the exchange is designed to change based on the quote coin chosen by our user and hence keeping it clutter-free making it easier for consumption.

Unocoin has doubled-down on its efforts to improve the quality and quantity of its platform’s available information in the pursuit of greater industrial transparency. This aim falls in line with Unocoin’s clear goal of leading India’s crypto industry by offering the widest range of information support for investors on their platform.

“Last quarter, we started providing the information and sentiment related data based on the analysis of the transactions on blockchain though our partnership with IntoTheBlocks. This time, through our partnership with Xangle, we are bringing the news from various credible publications and portals related the cryptocurrencies and it will be right there on the face when our users trade on our exchange.”, added Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO and Co-Founder of Unocoin.

“Market transparency and investor protection need to grow side by side with the market growth for sound industry development. We believe Unocoin’s effort to provide higher quality information services to protect investors’ rights can advance the Indian crypto trading environment one another step ahead” said James, Co-founder of Xangle.

Xangle has been tackling information asymmetry in the crypto-asset industry with its disclosure issuance platform since 2018. The platform collects the widest scope of project-related information, verifies it, and displays it all in one place as disclosures, or announcements. With Xangle, traders and investors gain unparalleled access to all-inclusive real-time information that they need. 

Xangle T!CKER provides live disclosures and important updates for traders about thousands of crypto assets available for trade. The updates from the news ticker-style feed come directly from Xangle’s information disclosure platform and Unocoin does not take any responsibility about the accuracy of the information. Our readers are suggested to do their own research.

Unocoin launches Digital Asset Trading Platform built for professional traders

The platform is the first in India to support sophisticated order book placements

Bangalore, India – 1st December 2020: Unocoin, the oldest cryptocurrency platform in India, has announced the launch of Unocoin Exchange, its new crypto exchange platform built for professional traders, fund managers and retail investors.

The launch, which follows Unocoin’s beta Unodax platform, marks the expansion of the Company’s existing brokerage model into a full-scale exchange model. The platform comes with comprehensive billing and invoicing functions to help fund managers and professional traders adhere to tax compliance and financial reporting.

“We are launching the Unocoin exchange as a straightforward and user-friendly platform for experienced traders and institutional investors in India to  participate in a globally expanding cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition to a customised and secure trading platform, we will continue with Unocoin news, the Unocoin blog, and educational campaigns to help users excel in the crypto space. We’re excited to witness the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s continuing evolution. The announcement of Unocoin Exchange is just one piece in our larger commitment to the Indian crypto space.” says Mr. Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-founder and CEO, Unocoin on the launch.

The Unocoin Exchange boasts an improved user experience from Unodax, with customised trading solutions that now also serves a wider investor clientele. New features include a completely redesigned platform for a more intuitive experience; simplified deposit and withdrawal processes; improved charts to access more historical data; a new consolidated portfolio view called “My Wallets”; new Lending and Earn Interest functions; a wider wallet page boasting 30 different coins

Apart from traditional limit orders and market orders, the platform is the first in India to support sophisticated order book placements, including split orders, enabling customers to place multiple orders at different prices with a single click; and ladder orders, helping customers take advantage of volatility with automatic order execution upon trigger of pre-determined price levels.

Expressing his views on the launch of the crypto trading platform Sunny Ray,  Co-founder and President, Unocoin says, “We are committed to building Unocoin Exchange into a world-class crypto exchange that can serve a wide range of professional traders, fund managers and retail investors. By facilitating multiple functions like investments, utilisation, buying, selling, lending, and earning interest with cryptocurrency, we are offering users a unique opportunity to become shareholders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the decentralized ecosystem advances, we expect there will be many more opportunities for customers to interact with digital assets in new and unique ways.”

Unocoin, the single pool of liquidity shared by all Unocoin products, will continue to be made available for Unocoin Exchange users. Trading fees, APIs, and security features will be the same for both platforms. To facilitate the migration, the current platform, Unodax will remain accessible to users for a period of time, with transactions, balances and activity mirrored on both platforms. After 31st March 2021, all users will be seamlessly rolled over to Unocoin Exchange, with Unodax being phased out. 

Unocoin Exchange Interface (Desktop)

Unocoin Exchange Interface (Mobile)



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About Unocoin:

Started in 2013, Unocoin is a Bangalore based technology startup and is India’s first entrant into the bitcoin industry. The company operates India’s largest (in Indian customer base) BTC-INR trading platform which enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin. At its peak, Unocoin processed transactions worth more than INR 2B per month for its 1,300,000+ customers.

The startup has been featured among the Top 20 companies in The Fintech20: India List, and have won the prestigious titles like ‘The Golden SABRE award’ in financial communications for the project, ‘Bit-by-Bit: Building Bitcoin in India’ and ‘TECH30’ award from YourStory.

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India’s First Crypto Exchange, Unocoin, Raises Funding from Tim Draper in Targeted US$5 million Series A Round

  • Series A raises Unocoin’s valuation to US$20 million
  • Investment by the early investor of Skype, Tesla, and Twitter, follows 10x customer growth after the lift of crypto banking ban in India
  •  Funds will be used for the development of new products and offerings, enhancement of existing infrastructure and technology talent acquisition
  • Investors from earlier rounds include Digital Currency Group, Boost VC, Blume Ventures, Future Perfect Ventures, Bank to the Future, Bitcoin Capital, FundersClub, ah! Ventures and Mumbai Angels

Bangalore, India — 08 October, 2020: India’s first cryptocurrency exchange, Unocoin, is close to finalising its Series A funding round, targeted at US$5 million. The round thus far is led by Tim Draper’s Draper Associates, with participation from XBTO Ventures and 2020 Ventures, veteran investors in the digital asset industry. The Series A funding round raises Unocoin’s valuation to US$20 million. 

Following the lifting of the Reserve Bank of India’s ban on digital asset trading, Unocoin’s latest fundraise will bolster its continued growth in India, allow it to build a stronger technology team, and enhance its product infrastructure and offerings. Notable developments in the pipeline include expansion into Decentralised Finance (DeFi) with its own protocols and the implementation of a new AI-based chatbot system to improve customer support.

Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO of Unocoin, said of the investment, “We’ve seen a dramatic increase of crypto adoption in India following the lifting of an industry-wide ban by the Reserve Bank of India enacted in 2018. Customer growth rates have surged by more than 10X in the month the supreme court verdict was announced, accompanied by a 5X increase in trading volume in subsequent months. The funding will help us scale our business further, and give us a strong financial foothold to expand our platform’s offerings. We will double down on our efforts to improve our product features and offerings, which will enhance the overall usability and functionality for our customers.”

In Image: Sanjay Nath (Blume), Harish B V (co-founder, Unocoin), Tim Draper, Sathvik Vishwanath (Co-founder, Unocoin)

Tim Draper, Founder of Draper Associates, which is known for its success from early investments into high valuation companies such as Tesla, Skype, and Twitter said: “We were delighted to hear the verdict by the Indian Supreme Court, and we had been tracking Unocoin, the leader in India for Bitcoin for years. We are so thrilled that the stars aligned and we could finally back Unocoin. Every Indian should have a Bitcoin account with Unocoin. It is a great way to do business in a currency that doesn’t devalue over time.”

Established in 2013, Unocoin operates India’s largest BTC-INR trading platform which enables users in India to transact and store bitcoin. Other crypto assets tradeable on the Uncoin Exchange include: LTC, XRP, ETH, BCH, BTG, and various ERC20 tokens. As a pioneer of India’s crypto industry, Unocoin boasts leading innovation in digital asset trading such as the Bitcoin Systematic Buying Plan (SBP), Crypto lending, Crypto interest-earning, Bitcoin Point of Sale (POS) App and Bitcoin Over-The-Counter trading (OTC) — all of which offers convenience and ready access to a wide array of digital products seamlessly and securely.

Unocoin has previously raised more than US$3 million from a range of reputable investors, including Digital Currency Group led by Barry Silbert, led by Adam Draper, and India based VC Blume Ventures.   

“The potential for widespread crypto adoption in India is massive. Many in India remain underserved by traditional payment systems, increasing bitcoin’s attractiveness as an alternative currency. We are proud of our team’s resilience and commitment amidst the regulatory shifts and are excited to work with our partners — both new and old  — to shape the future of cross-border payments, microtransactions and lending in India,” added Sunny Ray, President of Unocoin.

Additional Investor Quotes:

Arpit Agarwal, Principal at Blume Ventures: “Being one of the early backers of the Unocoin, we have seen the founders tackle some of the toughest challenges in their startup journey successfully. We welcome participation from globally reputed names like Tim and XBTO in the Unocoin story. This not only underscores the community and credibility that this company has created over the last 5 years, but is also a reflection of the potential cryptocurrencies hold in underserved markets like India. We are excited about the path ahead of us and hope that Unocoin will continue to be a leader in crypto-related technology innovations in time to come.”  

Larry Sukernik of Digital Currency Group Investments: “Running a cryptocurrency exchange is a tough business. Running a cryptocurrency exchange in India is an even tougher business. The fact that Unocoin survived and thrived is a testament to the team’s ability and grit. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them.”

“XBTO Ventures is pleased to co-invest with Draper into India’s true digital asset pioneers. It seems India may be poised to be a global leader, and our firm is happy to work with this entrepreneurial team to help ensure that it happens”  said Greg Carson from XBTO Ventures.

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About Unocoin:

Started in 2013, Unocoin is a Bangalore based technology startup and is India’s first entrant into the bitcoin industry. The company operates India’s largest (in Indian customer base) BTC-INR trading platform which enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin. At its peak, Unocoin processed transactions worth more than INR 2B per month for its 1,300,000+ customers. 

In less than 4 years since its inception, the company has drawn more than 30 top investors from 5 countries. Unocoin is responsible for industry-leading innovations such as the Bitcoin Systematic Buying Plan (SBP), Crypto lending, Crypto interest-earning, Bitcoin Point of Sale (POS) App and Bitcoin Over-The-Counter trading (OTC). The company has also launched Unocoin Exchange that lets its users exchange the INR and other listed crypto assets like BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, BCH, BTG, various ERC20 tokens amongst other users.

The startup has been featured among the Top 20 companies in The Fintech20: India List, and have won the prestigious titles like ‘The Golden SABRE award’ in financial communications for the project, ‘Bit-by-Bit: Building Bitcoin in India’ and ‘TECH30’ award from YourStory.

Unocoin has raised more than $3 million in a Pre Series-A and Series-A round. Funding was sourced from well-known Indian entities such as Blume Ventures, Mumbai Angels and ah! Ventures along with prominent international investors such as Draper Associates, XBTO Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Boost VC, Bank to the Future, Bitcoin Capital, Digital Finance Group, Dream Incubators and FundersClub to move faster towards its vision of Making Money Simple through its mission of Bringing Bitcoin to Billions.

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Instant deposits and withdrawals

Unocoin is pleased to announce instant INR deposit and withdraw options. For Inr deposit, a user can make an instant deposit to his INR wallet using Mobikwik wallet. You may use net banking, debit card and credit card to load your Mobikwik wallet. Direct option to deposit INR using net banking is coming by next week. Once the user has INR in your Mobikwik wallet, he would go to Unocoin website or app and go to INR deposit section to initiate the transfer from his Mobikwik wallet. Presently a 2% fee would be deducted from the deposited amount and remaining amount will be credited to his INR wallet.
For an instant INR withdrawal, presently Unocoin is providing 2 new options – IMPS and NEFT. As the bank transfers were taking 1-2 days, now the users can withdraw INR instantly using one of these two options. IMPS option will attract the fee of 25/-   from the money being withdrawn and NEFT will attract the fee of only 15 INR. The NEFT network takes about 1-2 hours to deposit money into the user’s bank account while IMPS is instantaneous. All the fee collected would attract the GST of 18% on top of the fee.
Team Unocoin

Introducing Instant Loans From Unocoin

What the internet did to communication and networking, cryptocurrencies have been doing to finance since their inception. The world was treated to a new trading revolution as well, with Bitcoin and the several hundred cryptocurrencies being traded on crypto exchanges globally. Investors around the world have found crypto assets a sound investment decision. But their value extends beyond just trading. Cryptocurrencies, though volatile, offer a decentralized, transparent, and secure interface for a variety of financial uses. The hottest one on the block right now seems to be crypto-backed lending.

Crypto assets and lending 

Lending and credit facilities have been traditionally offered by banks and financial institutions globally. The loans so offered:  

  • have to be backed by collaterals such as stocks, shares, gold, property and others.
  • involve considerable formalities and paperwork
  • are inflexible and 
  • accompanied by high-interest rates and penalties in case of non-payment


Courtesy the exciting era we live in, we’re witnessing a digital revolution in lending and payment practices as well. With blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies quickly becoming a popular and widely adopted mode of digital investment, conventional assets and stocks have a competition to deal with. Currently, the total value of the bitcoins in the world stands at $154 billion and that of the bitcoin together with other cryptocurrencies equals to $210 billion. The potential of these crypto-assets lies untapped and unleveraged hugely. There is tremendous scope for credit creation by using these crypto-assets as collaterals to get a (USDT)  loan. This Avant-garde concept is becoming fast popular in the crypto circles but still at a nascent stage. Bitcoins and altcoins are fast becoming an alternate option as collateral for obtaining loans. 


Unocoin, is India’s First cryptocurrency exchange trusted since 2013, seeks to harness the untapped leverage of Bitcoin. Which is why it’s launched a lending portal offering loans backed by crypto assets to its users. A pioneering name in crypto-trading, Unocoin’s new lending portal will form a quintessential part of its ecosystem helping its users to self-sustain their financial needs backed by their own crypto-assets. 

What makes Unocoin lending a win-win deal? 

Unocoin intends to grant loans in USDT and in INR to verified users against pledged collateral in bitcoin. USDT is stable coin (1 USDT is pegged to 1 USD) and if the users opt for INR, then it can be withdrawn to their bank account. Bitcoin has regularly outperformed itself with the exception of a few dips in its value and is the most seamless, liquid and universally accepted cryptocurrency. Loans backed by crypto assets powered by Unocoin score over the conventional borrowing routes helping the investors manage their investments, fund their expenses and even plan their tax routines using the customisable and easy-to-obtain loans. Let’s have a look:  


  • Quick and simple: Unocoin lending’s USP lies in the fact that it is not based on any P2P lending model where the users negotiate the terms of the loan with each other or attempting to utilize a network of brokers. It initiates the loan procedure through a secured dashboard exclusively available to its verified users instantaneously. Once verified, the users need to: 
  1. Go to the lending section and transfer their BTC or enter the amount of USDT required to the lending account.
  2. The amount so transferred will automatically be used to fill the loan order for a new loan or pay the EMIs of an existing loan.  
  3. The collateral amount (in bitcoins) required to get an x amount of loan in USDT will be greater than the total value of x.   
  • Customisable and Flexible: Borrowers have the option of paying their loan and interest in easy monthly instalments of 3 to 36 months. They can also go in for the flexible route and customise their own repayment schedule. Unocoin does not posit any restrictions on repayment time under the flexible option. The loans can be secured as a micro-finance by an individual or by a firm to procure funds. In case a borrower pays the loan early, no penalties are charged and the collateral is released immediately to the respective wallet. Multiple loans can be borrowed and kept active at a particular point in time. 
  • Transparent and secure: Banks and conventional financial institutions often involve hidden charges and high-interest rates, Unocoin lending does not involve any hidden charges. The loan to value ratio is explicitly denoted along with the interest rates once a verified user uses their BTC to be submitted as collateral, or the loan amount in USDT on their personal dashboard. User can enjoy real-time updates and notifications about their current loan status and value of the collateral. Unocoin, assures complete security to the verified user. 
  • Cost-efficiency and leverage: A crypto asset holder can use their assets to gain loans and enjoy the increase in the value of his assets. Since Unocoin lending involves cryptocurrencies as collateral, the ownership remains intact with the borrower. The user need not sell their holding and enjoy an increase in the value of their holding in future.  
  • Flexible usage: The loan amount can be withdrawn to be used for multiple purposes such as:
  1. To diversify the investments further and manage risks
  2. To trade on securities and cryptocurrencies
  3. To pay-off daily expenses or fund a vacation
  4. To close another loan with a higher rate of interest
  5. To fund a business
  6. To buy a home

Unocoin lending aims to synthesise the unsought benefits of cryptocurrencies besides trading. Through the simple yet effective interface, it intends to ease up the loan application process by making the users decide their loan amount and terms of repayment given the amount of the collateral. Bitcoin and blockchain, as disruptions in the IoT, initiated a digital revolution. Unocoin lending intends to further the revolution as a mainstream lending phenomenon to be adopted universally.  When are you getting started?


P.S: We have a stable coin called TUSD that is being listed on our exchange with its wallet enabling customers to deposit and withdraw it. We will be sunsetting the TUSD on exchange and its deposit on 31st of March 2020. The withdrawals will be suspended by the end of April and our users are requested to withdraw their TUSD tokens before 30th April 2020.