Unocoin joins hands with PayUBiz to simplify buying Bitcoins via Net Banking

Bangalore, India – April 25, 2017: Unocoin, India’s leading Bitcoin and Blockchain Company, takes a step closer towards a frictionless experience in buying Bitcoin for Indians. Unocoin has partnered with PayU Biz, a leading payment gateway, to facilitate Unocoin users in buying Bitcoin using the net banking feature. Set to simplify the entire process of buying Bitcoin, the feature is live on Unocoin.

“With an increasing interest in Bitcoin, this integration will enable Unocoin customer to buy Bitcoin even on a weekend while the manual payment processing is not functional,” says Sathvik Vishwananth, CEO and Co-Founder, Unocoin.

To buy Bitcoin using Net Banking, Unocoin users will have to head onto “Buy Bitcoin” tab and choose ‘Netbanking’ as the mode of payment along with the required details and confirm the order. On successfully completing the transaction, the user is credited with their Bitcoin immediately into their Unocoin Wallet. The entire transaction is facilitated by the PayUBiz payment gateway, India’s leading payment gateway with PCI-DSS compliance, ensuring complete security of the transactions.

Unocoin had recently launched its mobile app on iOS and Android, which is a full featured mobile bitcoin app. The app offers 24/7 access to real-time bitcoin market prices and instantaneous trading transactions. In another development, Unocoin had previously opened up its API for public to build businesses over its services and had conducted “Cryptothon” – a 24 hour Bitcoin – Blockchain Hackathon.

Unocoin services are back to normal

Dear Customer,

Today afternoon, we sent you an email regarding a service interruption due to DNS resolution issues. It just has been a mere service interruption and there has not been any data or funds compromise. If you were expecting any BTC deposits to you account which is not credited to your Unocoin wallet, it will be happening by Friday afternoon. Now the accounts are accessible and the services are fully restored. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you

Unocoin accounts temporarily blocked

Dear Customer,

Please note that due to a DNS resolution issue that is facing since 3rd November 2016 morning, the access to accounts are temporarily restricted. We shall update you shortly once we resume to normal. Due to the same reason, the emails sent to [email protected] or [email protected] may not reach us. Please do not login into your Unocoin during period as the website you may be accessing may not be that of real Unocoin.

Thank you

Unocoin – Closing of books on 31st March 2016

As we at Unocoin need to close our books for the year ending on 31st of March 2016, please be advised that the trading activity (both buying and selling) and INR deposit processing will be suspended between 5PM on 31st of March to 8AM on 2nd of April 2016. Any unused INR deposits will be cleared and they will be returned to your bank account. Hence, it is advised to plan your trading activities accordingly. Inconvenience is highly regretted.

Change in bitcoin transaction fee and number of confirmations

Dear customers,

Due to network congestion that the bitcoin blockchain is facing, we are changing the fee while sending bitcoin from 0.0001 to 0.0002 BTC. The fee will be used to pay the transaction fee to the bitcoin miner which secures your transaction. While we are collecting 0.0002 as a fixed fee when you send BTC to a bitcoin address, we will internally calculate and pay the optimum dynamic fee to make sure your transaction will get confirmed at the earliest.

Also now, Unocoin will only wait for 3 confirmations instead of 6 confirmations to give credit to customer’s Unocoin wallet when ever he do deposit bitcoin into his Unocoin’s bitcoin address. On an average, this reduces the waiting time from 1 hour to half an hour.